Date 02/04/2023 05:43 AM

Mattanur, Kerala, India

For Import Cargo

For Import Cargo


Import Charges
Per Kg
1. Terminal, Storage and Processing Charge (TSP)
2. Delivery Order Charges (For Consolidation Cargo)
MAWB Baggage
    Break Bulk Charges
For First HAWB
(for each additional HAWB @ Rs. 1000.00)
3. Strapping Charges
Rs. 10.00 per each packet

 4. Demurrage Charges

Type of Cargo

Up to 04 days including free period (@Per Kg per day)

Between 5 to 30 Days(@ Per Kg per day)

Beyond 30 Days(@ Per kg per day)
Minimum rate per consignment
Rs. 1.30
Rs. 2.60
Rs. 3.90
Rs. 295
Special Cargo
Rs. 2.60
Rs. 5.20
Rs. 7.80
Rs. 580
Valuable Cargo
Rs. 5.20
Rs. 10.40
Rs. 15.60
Rs. 1160

  5Airway Bill Amendment Charges: Rs.100/-per AWB.

  6. Cold Storage Charges

Rs.2.00 per kg per day subject to a minimum of Rs.350.00 for each consignment


  1. Free storage period for import cargo shall be (3 working days including the date of arrival of flight) 48 hours from the time of completion of segregation. For the next two days, demurrage will be charged at “per Kg: per Day” Non- cumulative basis provided the consignment is cleared within 4 days. If clearance is effected after 4 days from the time of completion of segregation, demurrage will accrue for the entire period from the time of completion of segregation.
  1. Consignment of humans remain coffin including baggage of deceased and human eyes will be exempted from the purview of TSP, demurrage and D.O charges.
  1. Charges will be levied on the “Gross Weight or the “Chargeable Weight” of the consignment, whichever is higher. Where ever the “Gross Weight” and (or) “Volume Weight” is wrongly indicated on the AWB and is found more, charges will be levied on the “Actual Gross Weight” or “ Actual Volumetric Weight”, or “ Chargeable Weight” whichever is higher.
  1. Special cargo consists of live animals, hazardous goods, ornamental fish, chicks etc.,
  1. Valuable Cargo consist of Gold, bullion, currency notes, securities, shares, share coupons, traveller’s cheques, diamonds including diamonds for industrial use, diamond jwellery, jwellery and watches made of silver, gold, platinum, computer parts, mobile phones and items valued at USD 1000 per Kg and above.
  1. GST and other applicable taxes, if any shall be charged extra at applicable rates.



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