Kannur International Airport

Kannur Airport is pleased to help customers retrieve the items they lost at this Airport. Our Lost & Found Department provides lost property registration and offers retrieval services for items lost in the Passenger Terminal Complex on a 24/7 basis.

  • For items lost during flight in the aircraft, or for bags not arrived in flights.

    Check with the respective Airline. Click on the following link to access Airline contact details.

  • For items misplaced/lost at the international arrival area

    Check with your respective Airline for coordinating with Customs Lost & found desk. Click on the following link to access Airline contact details.

  • For items misplaced/lost at the Airport, in areas excluding international arrival area

    Contact the Airport Lost & Found Department in Person or Phone.

Send an Email-Id to lostandfound@kannurairport.aero with all possible description, to help identification, of the lost item including:

1. Brand, model, color, etc.
2. Flight number & date.
3. Time & the possible location where it was lost.
4. Photo of the lost item, if available.

Lost and found service in kial

Articles will be handed over to the passenger upon submission/verification of the following documents

  • Copy of the boarding pass.
  • Photo identity card (Passport /Pan Card/Driving License/Voter ID).
  • Proof to substantiate the claim that the article belongs to him/her.

If passenger is sending a representative to collect the article on their behalf, following detail to be provided in addition to the above documents:

  • Authorization letter from the passenger with description of the article.
  • Photo Identity of the representative (Passport /Pan Card/Driving License/Voter ID).

The documents can be emailed to us at the e-mail id mentioned above and we request passengers to advise exact date/time of collection so that the articles can be made available on demand.

Storage of Lost and Found Articles

  • Articles, if not claimed by the Passenger, stored for a period of three months, shall be disposed off.
  • Perishables and articles which are not suitable for storage will be disposed off within 24 hours. The Airport will not be liable for any types of further claim.

Restricted Articles

  • Items confiscated at the Security Control will not be returned or compensated, with the exception of articles of significant value.
  • Should you require any further information, please e-mail, phone or contact us in person at the Lost & Found office at the Airport.

Public Notification - Lost & Found articles at CNN

Kannur Airport staff are the only authorized representatives to assist with lost & found articles related enquiries, & the retrieval service is purely voluntary. The lost and found articles gathered at the Airport terminal, in respect of which no claim has been lodged for ninety (90) days will be duly disposed off.

The claimant shall claim the articles by submitting proof of ownership and identity within 90 days, failing which the items will be disposed off through auction. No claim whatsoever to the items or the proceeds thereof, will be entertained.