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Arakkal Museum

The Arrakkal Museum is a museum dedicated to the Arakkal family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala, India. The museum is actually a section of the Arakkalkettu (Arakkal Royal Palace). The durbar hall section of the palace has been converted into a museum


How to Reach

To travel from Kannur Airport to Arakkal Museum, you can follow the directions below:

  1. Exit Kannur Airport and head south on the airport road.

  2. At the first roundabout, take the second exit and continue on the airport road.

  3. After approximately 1.5 kilometers, you will reach another roundabout. Take the third exit onto Thalassery-Mahe-Pazhayangadi Road.

  4. Continue on Thalassery-Mahe-Pazhayangadi Road for about 4 kilometers until you reach a junction with a traffic signal.

  5. At the junction, turn right onto National Highway 66 (NH 66).

  6. Follow NH 66 for approximately 8 kilometers until you reach Kannur Cantonment.

  7. At Kannur Cantonment, continue straight on NH 66 for another 2 kilometers until you reach another junction.

  8. At the junction, turn left onto Madras-Trivandrum Road.

  9. Drive for about 2.5 kilometers on Madras-Trivandrum Road, and you will arrive at Arakkal Museum, which will be on your left.

Please note that road conditions and traffic may vary, so it's advisable to use a navigation tool or map for real-time guidance.

Arakkal Museum

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