Kannur International Airport

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery was one of the most important European trading centers of Kerala. The Fort lies on the group of low wooden hill running down to sea and protected by natural waters. It has been the main opening for the rich spices, hill products and timber of the vast inter-land.

How To Reach

To travel from Kannur Airport to Thalassery Fort (also known as Tellicherry Fort), you can use the following transportation options:

  1. By Road:

    • Distance: The distance between Kannur Airport and Thalassery Fort is approximately 23 kilometers.
    • Taxi/Car: Hiring a taxi or taking a private car from Kannur Airport is the most convenient option. Taxis are readily available at the airport, and you can negotiate the fare or choose a taxi with pre-fixed rates. The journey takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
    • Auto-rickshaw: Auto-rickshaws are a common mode of transport in Kannur. You can hire an auto-rickshaw from the airport to reach Thalassery Fort. Make sure to negotiate the fare beforehand.
  2. By Public Transport:

    • Bus: You can take a bus from Kannur Airport to Thalassery town. From there, Thalassery Fort is located near the Thalassery bus stand. You can easily walk or hire an auto-rickshaw to reach the fort. Buses operate frequently between Kannur and Thalassery.
    • Train: Kannur has a railway station, and you can take a train from Kannur to Thalassery Railway Station. Thalassery Fort is located within a short distance from the railway station, and you can reach it by hiring an auto-rickshaw or taking a short walk.

It's recommended to check the current schedules and availability of public transportation options, as they may vary. Also, consider the traffic conditions and plan your trip accordingly. Thalassery Fort is a significant historical site in Thalassery, and local residents can provide you with further guidance on reaching the fort from the airport.

Thalassery fort

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