Kannur International Airport


Talakaveri, the place where river Kaveri originates is situated on a hill called Brahmagiri with thick forest cover in the western ghats of Karnataka in the heart of Coorg district. Kaveri emerges out of a spring in a rock formation, and flows on to a bigger tank.

How To Reach

  1. By Road:

    • Distance: The distance between Kannur Airport and Talakaveri is approximately 180 kilometers.
    • Private Taxi/Car: You can hire a private taxi or car from Kannur Airport to Talakaveri. It provides a comfortable and convenient option for travel. It is advisable to negotiate the fare beforehand or choose a taxi service with pre-fixed rates.
    • Self-Drive: If you prefer driving, you can rent a car from Kannur Airport and drive to Talakaveri. Ensure that you have a valid driving license and are familiar with the route.
  2. By Public Transport:

    • Bus: You can take a bus from Kannur Airport to Madikeri, which is the nearest major town to Talakaveri. From Madikeri, you can find local buses or hire a taxi to reach Talakaveri.

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